Design Philosophy

Alexandra Phénix Designs is a San Francisco based interior design firm specializing in residential and rental design. The firm brings an effortlessly cool approach to personal homes that allow for life to flourish within.  

About Me

Hi there, I'm Alex Waidley, head of Alexandra Phénix Designs. I have a passion for bringing life through well designed spaces. Beyond design, I love making ice cream, playing soccer and spending time with my husband Josh and son Liam.

Design Convictions

I believe everyone is affected by the spaces they inhabit. And with the average American adult spending about 87% of their time inside, the function and design of our homes, offices and community centers has become very important. That is why it's my desire to create spaces that allow for and enhance the beauty we create inside them. 

In my design practice, I like to incorporate your personal treasures along with vintage items and juxtapose them with modern elements to create a curated, chic sensibility while cutting down on waste and excess. I also strive to source from designers and companies that stimulate local economy in impoverished areas, because design shouldn't just look good, it should do good.

I'm also available for non-profit pro-bono work. Please contact me for more information.