Alexandra Phénix Designs is a Los Angeles based interior design firm specializing in residential and small scale commercial design. The firm brings an effortlessly cool approach to deeply personal homes.

About Alexandra

Alexandra Waidley has always believed that good design flows from a good understanding of self. It is her joy to understand who a client is and what their needs are and translate that into a space that is not only beautiful and functional, but that also reflects back to the client who they are. Hailing from Los Angeles, she loves to incorporate natural Californian elements juxtaposed with edgy details for an effortlessly cool aesthetic. Her attention to detail and professionalism makes the process easy and her genuine care for her clients goes one step further and makes it enjoyable and fun! “Your home is the launching pad for your life. It is my honor and privilege to help you create a space that leaves room for your day to begin, unfold and come back together; a backdrop and catalyst to the memories you create everyday.”


Services include full and partial service interior design, space planning and sourcing assistance.

With a background in real estate, I also offer Market Prep services for real estate agents or sellers looking to get their home in tip-top, on trend shape in order to get the highest sale price possible from buyers who are looking for their "Pinterest" dream home. Call or email me for a free estimate.


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