Last Minute Gifts For The Person You Know Nothing About

It's December 21, 4 days left until Christmas. And let's be real, the only person we have left to shop for now is that random cousin in your Secret Santa gift exchange who's life you know nothing about.

To help you out with those last minute buggers, I've compiled a list of 5 home gifts most everyone would be happy to receive that you can go pick up in a store, like, today.

Swooning for Shagreen

In the words of Posh Spice, "What do you know about manta rays?" Well, now you know shagreen is a hide usually made from rays or sharks. Most shagreen is faux these days, but it's definitely not faux awesome, it is full awesome and all over the place right now. I found some of my favorite shagreen pieces just for you, no searching on your part required. You're welcome.

Tulle-ing Around

In terms of influence, it is my belief that interior design usually follows fashion, and rarely the other way around. And of course it does, right? Fashion has multiple seasons a year, clothing is purchased more frequently than home decor, etc.

And I don't know about you but I am 100% on the tulle train that has been dominating Fashion Week for the past two years. There's something so grunge yet fairytale-ish about tulle.


My prediction is tulle is coming to the home soon! Right now the offerings are slim and limited to the little girl princess feel, but as time passes, just look for it mixed with minimal wabi sabi japanese and punk themes. 

Imagine these curtains on a black and white graphical graffiti wall!